Saturday, May 9, 2015

School's Out? Summertime Reading!

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Hello bookworms! This post is going to be a little bit different from the rest of what I have been writing. As you probably know, school is slowly ending. Exciting isn't it? Now you and I can read as much as we want, without having to worry about homework, or school in general. 

This summer, I am going to try to break my record of reading forty-five books... What is your record? Reading during the summer is super fun. Summer is where you get to make the money you need to buy that one book on your never ending wish list. Summer is where you get to relax and actually get to read outside for a change. I believe summer is the season for bookworms because we don't have to worry about deadlines at all... Hopefully. 

I want to talk about something more serious though. Since the school year is closing, there needs to be a post about the final weeks of school; the celebration and the joy that comes with it as well as a reflection back onto the school year. I want to talk about the journey I took from the beginning of the school year to the end. Don't worry though! I plan to carry on my blog during summer vacation but I apologize, I might be a little inconsistent. 

Anyway, I started this wonderful and amazing blog last September, after school started. Through the whole (school) year, you and I have taken the same journey. Although we might be in different countries or live in different neighborhoods, we both experienced something you should be glad you did. 

Coming into a new spectacular world, was pretty incredible. When I first started to blog, I felt awkward and unsure of what readers would want to gain from my blog. I didn't feel comfortable writing at all! It was weird writing to someone about something I treasured and loved. Now, I realize that it's so cool to be able to share my ideas to the internet world and communicate with people who actually care about the same things I do.

I personally believed that this was one of the best years I have ever had. Writing about books for people who listen to my opinions is pretty amazing. I don't know about you but I felt that I greatly improved from writing. Last September, I knew I was just starting my blogging career. Now, I feel very comfortable with writing and I don't feel like I don't belong, although my blog hasn't been the most popular...

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Now, I am a better writer in a more contemporary setting. I was used to writing essays and "official" school-work documents, but I have gained more knowledge on how to write to and for my readers. For people who understand what I feel, who know what I mean, and who share the same thoughts and feelings as I. 

It's pretty cool how blogging works, although it's extremely difficult to maintain a consistent schedule. I have to admit, some days I had these great ideas that I just had to write down in a draft. I would work on that one post for an hour but then I get distracted and lose interest. I found myself doing what I described a lot more than most people might believe. Nevertheless, I love it. And I do not regret anything I said.

I would love to thank you, bookworms, for keeping up with my bookish rants and opinions. You guys are my best supporters and I cannot ask for any more. I appreciate the time you spend reading my fantastic blog! Thank you so much! Love ya bookworms!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Are They Alike?

Today I want to rant on how watching a movie before reading a book can kill your imagination, especially when you love to visualize your own characters. But to make sure I don't get in trouble or criticized too harshly, this is my own opinion and you can politely tell me your perspective on actors and actresses who are casted as your favorite main characters*. I will only discuss three characters and their real-life counterparts but do not fret, this might be part one...

First off, I want to talk about Jace Herondale (or whatever his last name is). In the book, Jace is described as a cocky, headstrong, and sexy young man with a moody personality. He is fluent in several lines, is very neat even though he can be perceived as a messy boy, and extremely attractive. Blond hair, golden eyes, and walks around barefoot indoors. He is muscular because of all magnificent training he goes through and his cat-like smile/smirk is to die for. 

Now here is the person who was the first choice out of all the potential male actors:

Image Courtesy of
And here is what we got:

Image Courtesy of Red Carpet News TV
I understand that casting directors can't find the perfect "Jace" or the perfect "Clary" but still. I do not approve. Jamie Campbell Bower is not the actor for a smart mouth guy. He doesn't have golden eyes or that smile that I envisioned on Jace. He looks kinda demonic from my perspective when I imagined him more angelic with a smirk that told you, you can't tell me what to do. 

I wish Alex didn't turn the role down...

Another role that I envisioned someone totally different is Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson series. I don't want to be rude or anything but the actress, Alexandra Daddario is a beautiful young woman and a good actress, but I don't think she was the right pick for the already horrible movie. In the first movie she looked like this:
Image Courtesy of IMDB

In the book, Annabeth is described as having BLONDE hair... Let's take a moment and look at the picture. Does it look like she has blonde hair? NO! She does not. Also, Annabeth is supposed to have grey stormy eyes, highly intelligent, and a tom boy. In the movie, well, if you have seen the movie, you would understand. But if you have not seen the movie, don't. It's horrible. Just read the book. 

Another character, I would love to dissect is Four aka Tobias from Divergent. According to IMDB, Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Ludwig, Jeremy Irvine, and a bunch of other men were considered to play Tobias. Luckily we got.... THEO JAMES!! Ya! He's something special...
Image Courtesy of
Don't you agree? In the book, Tobias is described as having dark blue eyes, deep-set eyes, and intricate tattoos drawing all over his back. Even though in the movie, Tobias has brown eyes, he still is pretty dreamy. I liked the casting director's choice... I think they picked well. 

Jace, Annabeth, and Tobias are all quite amazing fictional characters. Jace is probably the most amazing one out of the three, but his counterpart, Mr. Jamie Campbell Bower kinda kills off fictional Jace's awesomeness. He is the only actor I am sad that the casting directors(s) chose... No offense to Jamie. Annabeth's and Tobias's counterparts, Alexendra and Theo, are okay (Theo a little bit more than okay).

I understand that casting directors and directors cannot expect to find the perfect "Jace" or any perfect fictional look-alike actor/actress. But in some cases, I really think that some casting directors can try a bit harder. 

What do you think? If you agree or disagree with what I said please bring it to my attention by leaving a very sassy but kind comment(s)! I love to hear from you guys! Love ya bookworms!

*Disclaimer: I mean no harm to the actors and actresses who portray their characters amazingly! I am only do this to amuse my bookworms (you) and you should not take this too seriously.

Friday, April 24, 2015


In the real world, there are very bad things you can contract with blood. As you know, we humans are all red-blooded and that wouldn't be good in Mare's society. Red-blooded people are peasants and servants to the powerful and magical silver-blooded. I am talking about Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

As a bookworm, you should probably recognize the cover or the title because everyone is raving about it now. The book is making its debut this year and apparently there have been mixed reviews. My review is going to be a very positive one because I loved the book. There is one little complaint but all you will hear is good comments. 

And the twist is so wicked, it will make you sit still, in silence, for a very long time. You would also find yourself re-reading the the passage so many times to get your head around it. It's that big. 

This book has been on my tbr (to be read) pile since the beginning of the year after I learned about it. Only now, I finally had the chance to read it and it was pure awesome. And instead of one or two boys to choose from, poor Mare has to choose between three men who might have the hots for her, which I could never do. 

Image Courtesy of Washington City Paper
Cal, Maven, and Kilorn are three young men whose roles play a major part. Cal and Maven are two silver-blooded princes. One is trying to be the perfect king and the other one is the shadow and his mother's son. Kilorn is Mare's best friend from childhood because every young girl needs a childhood friend. He is also red-blooded and about to be conscripted into the army which is probably the worst things that could ever happen to a red-blood.

In Mare's society, the two different types of people are separated by a huge gap. The red-bloods are basically throw-aways for the silver-blood kingdom(s). That's why it is unfortunate to be drafted into the army. Usually, red bloods need to find a apprenticeship or a job with someone before the age of eighteen but Mare has no talents whatsoever to help her family except for stealing. 

The silver-bloods, on the other hand, are the elite class in the society. They are the people who have magical powers like the ability to control the elements (and metal), having unnatural strength or the ability to read minds/control minds. Some of them are royal like Cal and Maven. 

The two opposite sides of society have warred for ages and the Reds are beginning to get tired of how they been treated for the created a rebel group called the Scarlet Guard. Mare finds herself caught up in the rebel group's decisions and whether she likes it or not, she will play a huge part in the society's downfall.

Image Courtesy of
I loved this book, the society was something different and gnarly to read. The only problem is the character development. The characters did not seem to grow in any significant way. Mare might have grown a little but overall no one really changed significantly.

Nevertheless, I had a great time reading the Red Queen and I hope you guys have fun as well. If you have already read this book or you read the book after reading my very convincing post, please leave your reviews! I love talking to you guys. See you soon! Love ya bookworms!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Trolls, Curses, and Princes, Oh My!

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Two words. Stolen, Songbird. This book is the most unique young adult book I have laid my hands on. I can't believe I did not pick it up sooner! The book was recommended to me by Amelia, who reads more books than I can count. I was hesitant to read it because I was afraid that it would be the same (and it still was but with a twist); girl meets boy, girl hates boy but boy and girl start having feelings for each other, girl and boy has to break a curse, and then girl and boy get together at the end of the book and do whatever fictional couples do. 
Image Courtesy of Disney Wikia

The twist is Stolen Songbird has about trolls. When I think of trolls, I think of small, ugly, and deformed creatures who can do magic or the singing rock trolls in Frozen... Anyway, the trolls in this book are deformed and sometimes very ugly but the male counterpart of the female protagonist has to be hot. Tristan, the male counterpart, has no deformities what so ever which is slightly unfair when his mother has a conjoined twin coming out of her back and his father is a fat and disgusting guy. And that the rest of his subjects are pretty ugly.

Nevertheless, the book was amazing and I extremely recommend it to you.

Image Courtesy of Erin O'Rourke
The story is really enjoyable once you get into it. Cécile is a teenage girl who is waiting for her famous mother to come take her to the city. Cécile's mother is a very popular singer with a beautiful singing voice and fortunately, she passed the talent to Cécile. Her mother was to pick her up and whisk her away by her seventeenth birthday but Cécile ran into unexpected trouble which led to her kidnapping. 

Cécile is deposited outside of a hidden Troll kingdom under the Forsaken Mountain. There, she meets Tristan, the rest of the royal family, and the subjects of this underground hell. Cécile is forced into marriage with Tristan to break a centuries old curse (sounds familiar?). And of course it doesn't work.

So poor Cécile is forced to stay underground with a bunch of magical trolls who hate her guts. What an awkward situation to be in...

Let me talk about Tristan because he is very important character. He is one of the characters who walk on the line between good and evil; throughout the whole book, I was having a hard time decided if he was a good guy or a bad guy. And in the end he was... Find out for yourself! Tristan is also the only hot/cute troll under the Forsaken Mountain (sadly). I don't know why though. I don't think he got any of his parents' genes which is very fortunate. Tristan also has magical powers but not like the rock trolls from Frozen.

To wrap this up, Stolen Songbird is a book for you if you love fantasy and romance; it seems those two are always paired up with each other, I wonder why? Anyhow, I recommend this book hardcore. You have to read it.

If you have read Stolen Songbird or read it after this amazing review, please leave comments so we can discuss about this awesome book. See you soon! Love ya bookworms!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Blogger BAEs

I want to share my favorite bloggers who don't know I exist but I love them just the same. These five bloggers have opened my world of books to an even bigger world and I hope they also lighten up your book world as well. All the videos are courtesy of each bookbloggers' respective YouTube webpage.

My first favorite blogger is Katytastic. I have mentioned her in many of my posts because she is my favorite out of them all. She's funny and she inputs her true feelings on how she feels about books. 

Katytastic is an amazing person in general. She makes me laugh and she really connects with her audience which makes her one of the best bookbloggers ever! She also includes bloopers which are really fun and hilarious to watch. Bloopers are just fun in general.

My second favorite bookblogger is JessetheReader. I love him because he shows that nerdy boys are wicked. He is also quirky and loves to be awkward. And awkwardness is what everyone goes through on a daily basis.

JessetheReader is amazing. He, like Katytastic, is very honest in his opinions about books and he apologizes before he says anything contradicting. There is nothing else to say. He is a wicked bibliophile.

The third bookblogger is Abookutopia. I have never watched any of her videos until very recently but I found that I loved her because she definitely is all about awkward. Abookutopia also had some extremely cool opportunities that make me very jealous. One of the said opportunities is she got to be an extra in Divergent because she lived in Chicago. She was an EXTRA in DIVERGENT!!! She is so lucky... I wish I could be an extra or a minor character or the main character *wink wink* in one of my favorite book's film adaptation. 

Abookutopia is interesting to watch because she will get distracted really easily like when her dog comes in while she is filming. By the way, her dog is adorable. Abookutopia is third on the list because she is fun to watch but not as fun as JessetheReader or Katytastic. 

Fourth on the list has to be PolandBananasBooks. I find myself getting annoyed with her because she is so dramatic but she is still amusing to watch. She gets really dramatic about certain topics and goes on rants on how she doesn't or does like something. In some videos, she reenacts how most people feel when reading a book or watching a trailer. In other videos, she gets serious and talks with a more enjoyable pitch. Nevertheless, PolandBananasBooks is enjoyable to watch, even with the annoying high pitch squeal she sometimes gets. 

I did forget to warn you all; some in fact possibly all these booktubers swear. But not on a frequent note. They sometimes let loose some words but it does not happen every video you watch.

The fifth and final booktuber I love to watch is Tashapolis. Like Abookutopia, I have only been watching her for a short time. She seems like the mellowest of all the five bloggers I watch. Tashapolis is hip and calm which is really good when you just want to watch someone who is obsessed about books without getting too hyped up. 

Tashapolis is the most mild booktuber I have ever watched. She gets excited but not PolandbananasBooks. She is an amazing person and she can sing too! 

These five people help me make decisions on what to buy next for my TBR pile. I watch more booktubers, but I find myself always watching Katytastic, JessetheReader, Abookutopia, PolandbananasBooks, and Tashapolis.

Have you watched any of these people? You must have if you are a bookworm like me... What booktubers do you watch? Love ya bookworms!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Insurgent: Book vs. Movie

Over the weekend, my family went see the long awaited second installment of Insurgent. I was thoroughly pleased on how the movie turned out, although I have to admit, I don't remember some of the book... Don't worry I "shmooped" the book. 

Anyway, I thought the movie was great; it had more action scenes which who can't say no to that? And then they had to add the teenage canoodle scene as well just to add to the fact that Tris and Tobias love each other very much. 

Some people might be like "well the movie didn't stick to the book so it's a bad movie adaptation" but what do I say to this? Who cares??? There are some major plots that were changed because in the first movie Divergent, they didn't stick straight to the plot. I think most people don't read the screen when it says, "BASED on the novel Insurgent".

I feel like I am contradicting myself but I don't care. I loved the movie and that's final. NO ONE can tell me I am wrong. America is a free country and you can say whatever you want. I digress...

Back to the movie and book comparison. This part will contain spoilers! Repeat SPOILERS so don't read anything below this paragraph if you have not read the book and/or seen the movie. If you are not planning to do either, be my guest.

The book and movie are on opposite sides of the venn diagram:
Courtesy of my Amazing Venn Diagram Talents
The movie has lots of big differences but you learn to accept it since they changed so much in the first movie. Like in the first movie, Tris and Tobias don't get the flashdrive like they did in the book. So in this movie, Jeanine is trying to find a Divergent that can open a golden box. The divergent has to go through all five faction sins to make the box open but all of the tested divergents die. And guess what? Tris is the only divergent that is one hundred percent compatible to open the box.

In the book, Jeanine wants Tris to test what makes her different, what makes her divergent. I have to say that the ordeal Tris has to go through in the movie is a lot more cooler in the book. But that is my opinion. 

Another difference is the movie kills people off at the wrong order and the people who do the killing are the wrong people. Like Jeanine dies because of Tori. Not because of Evelyn. And Max, a minor character who was a Dauntless traitor, died at the beginning of the book not the very end. And Eric... Eric dies and everyone jumps up and down in happiness. 

Overall, I loved the movie and I do recommend it to the bookworms out there who have not gotten around to watch the film. Even though the bookworm inside is saying "they did this all wrong" or "why did they change that", enjoy the movie. Don't be the annoying friend who leans over every minute and tells the person next to you that they did something wrong. *coughs* looks a certain direction.

Insurgent's movie adaptation is probably one of the best I have seen even though they did not follow the book precisely; who does that anyway? Most of the movie adaptations coming from young adult novels seem to be based on the book, not the exact replica of the book. We just need to learn to live with it and I finally accepted, by watching Insurgent, that even though I will complain my darn hardest that the movie did everything absolutely, positively wrong, I will still like it.

I do have to say though, there are some adaptations that need serious help; like extreme help from the author who wrote the book in the first place.

Hope you enjoyed reading this amazing review! If you don't agree or you agree or you have something random to say, please leave comments! Love ya bookworms!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Costco for Bookworms

I recently had the most wonderful chance of traveling to Portland, Oregon. Most of you are probably like, who cares? Let me tell you what is in Portland... POWELL'S BOOKSTORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
Powell's Bookstore is the literal heaven for everyone who categorizes themselves as bibliomanics and/or bibliophiles. Let me tell you though, you WILL be overwhelmed by the amount of books this store has. It has at least seven rooms filled to the brim with books for all ages as well as genres. 
There are two entrances to the "city of books" but either way, you are bound to get lost in the never ending aisles of books.
When you enter every room, there is a very helpful sign that tells you all the magical books that make their home in that specific room. 

As well as randomly placed baskets incase your book haul rapidly gains enough weight to pull your arms off. 

At one of the entrances, Powell's Bookstore was kind enough to supply book buyers an informational desk. The people who work at the bookstore are just like you, so don't be afraid to ask for help. They will understand you in all the ways normal (non-readers) don't. I get help from them every single time I have gone to Powell's because it was too overwhelming.

Wherever you look, books will fill your vision. Even at the cashier counters, there are books waiting to be taken home. Floors and floors of books; big and small waiting for a loving bibliophile to take them home and place them in their rightful place.

There is one specific room that is worth mentioning. The Rose Room is filled with young adult and middle grade novels. This room is appealing to all ages, adults to teenagers to second graders. The shelves are filled with authors A-Z (duh!) but it's so confusing. There is even a whole section where you can buy manga if you are into that stuff!

If you can't tell, I love this store because Park City does not offer such store. I mean we have a small independent bookstore which is better than nothing but we don't have a Costco for books. I don't want to hate on the bookstore but I would prefer something like Powell's but hey, you can't always get want you want (sadly).

Thank you for reading my never ending rant about Powell's. I hope when you get a chance to go to Portland, stop by Powell's and I guarantee, you will have the time of your life.   

And just for the fun of it, here is a picture of me enjoying my favorite room; the Rose Room (get it? hehe):

Image Courtesy of my Wonderful Mother