Saturday, May 9, 2015

School's Out? Summertime Reading!

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Hello bookworms! This post is going to be a little bit different from the rest of what I have been writing. As you probably know, school is slowly ending. Exciting isn't it? Now you and I can read as much as we want, without having to worry about homework, or school in general. 

This summer, I am going to try to break my record of reading forty-five books... What is your record? Reading during the summer is super fun. Summer is where you get to make the money you need to buy that one book on your never ending wish list. Summer is where you get to relax and actually get to read outside for a change. I believe summer is the season for bookworms because we don't have to worry about deadlines at all... Hopefully. 

I want to talk about something more serious though. Since the school year is closing, there needs to be a post about the final weeks of school; the celebration and the joy that comes with it as well as a reflection back onto the school year. I want to talk about the journey I took from the beginning of the school year to the end. Don't worry though! I plan to carry on my blog during summer vacation but I apologize, I might be a little inconsistent. 

Anyway, I started this wonderful and amazing blog last September, after school started. Through the whole (school) year, you and I have taken the same journey. Although we might be in different countries or live in different neighborhoods, we both experienced something you should be glad you did. 

Coming into a new spectacular world, was pretty incredible. When I first started to blog, I felt awkward and unsure of what readers would want to gain from my blog. I didn't feel comfortable writing at all! It was weird writing to someone about something I treasured and loved. Now, I realize that it's so cool to be able to share my ideas to the internet world and communicate with people who actually care about the same things I do.

I personally believed that this was one of the best years I have ever had. Writing about books for people who listen to my opinions is pretty amazing. I don't know about you but I felt that I greatly improved from writing. Last September, I knew I was just starting my blogging career. Now, I feel very comfortable with writing and I don't feel like I don't belong, although my blog hasn't been the most popular...

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Now, I am a better writer in a more contemporary setting. I was used to writing essays and "official" school-work documents, but I have gained more knowledge on how to write to and for my readers. For people who understand what I feel, who know what I mean, and who share the same thoughts and feelings as I. 

It's pretty cool how blogging works, although it's extremely difficult to maintain a consistent schedule. I have to admit, some days I had these great ideas that I just had to write down in a draft. I would work on that one post for an hour but then I get distracted and lose interest. I found myself doing what I described a lot more than most people might believe. Nevertheless, I love it. And I do not regret anything I said.

I would love to thank you, bookworms, for keeping up with my bookish rants and opinions. You guys are my best supporters and I cannot ask for any more. I appreciate the time you spend reading my fantastic blog! Thank you so much! Love ya bookworms!

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