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Trolls, Curses, and Princes, Oh My!

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Two words. Stolen, Songbird. This book is the most unique young adult book I have laid my hands on. I can't believe I did not pick it up sooner! The book was recommended to me by Amelia, who reads more books than I can count. I was hesitant to read it because I was afraid that it would be the same (and it still was but with a twist); girl meets boy, girl hates boy but boy and girl start having feelings for each other, girl and boy has to break a curse, and then girl and boy get together at the end of the book and do whatever fictional couples do. 
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The twist is Stolen Songbird has about trolls. When I think of trolls, I think of small, ugly, and deformed creatures who can do magic or the singing rock trolls in Frozen... Anyway, the trolls in this book are deformed and sometimes very ugly but the male counterpart of the female protagonist has to be hot. Tristan, the male counterpart, has no deformities what so ever which is slightly unfair when his mother has a conjoined twin coming out of her back and his father is a fat and disgusting guy. And that the rest of his subjects are pretty ugly.

Nevertheless, the book was amazing and I extremely recommend it to you.

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The story is really enjoyable once you get into it. Cécile is a teenage girl who is waiting for her famous mother to come take her to the city. Cécile's mother is a very popular singer with a beautiful singing voice and fortunately, she passed the talent to Cécile. Her mother was to pick her up and whisk her away by her seventeenth birthday but Cécile ran into unexpected trouble which led to her kidnapping. 

Cécile is deposited outside of a hidden Troll kingdom under the Forsaken Mountain. There, she meets Tristan, the rest of the royal family, and the subjects of this underground hell. Cécile is forced into marriage with Tristan to break a centuries old curse (sounds familiar?). And of course it doesn't work.

So poor Cécile is forced to stay underground with a bunch of magical trolls who hate her guts. What an awkward situation to be in...

Let me talk about Tristan because he is very important character. He is one of the characters who walk on the line between good and evil; throughout the whole book, I was having a hard time decided if he was a good guy or a bad guy. And in the end he was... Find out for yourself! Tristan is also the only hot/cute troll under the Forsaken Mountain (sadly). I don't know why though. I don't think he got any of his parents' genes which is very fortunate. Tristan also has magical powers but not like the rock trolls from Frozen.

To wrap this up, Stolen Songbird is a book for you if you love fantasy and romance; it seems those two are always paired up with each other, I wonder why? Anyhow, I recommend this book hardcore. You have to read it.

If you have read Stolen Songbird or read it after this amazing review, please leave comments so we can discuss about this awesome book. See you soon! Love ya bookworms!

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