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In the real world, there are very bad things you can contract with blood. As you know, we humans are all red-blooded and that wouldn't be good in Mare's society. Red-blooded people are peasants and servants to the powerful and magical silver-blooded. I am talking about Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

As a bookworm, you should probably recognize the cover or the title because everyone is raving about it now. The book is making its debut this year and apparently there have been mixed reviews. My review is going to be a very positive one because I loved the book. There is one little complaint but all you will hear is good comments. 

And the twist is so wicked, it will make you sit still, in silence, for a very long time. You would also find yourself re-reading the the passage so many times to get your head around it. It's that big. 

This book has been on my tbr (to be read) pile since the beginning of the year after I learned about it. Only now, I finally had the chance to read it and it was pure awesome. And instead of one or two boys to choose from, poor Mare has to choose between three men who might have the hots for her, which I could never do. 

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Cal, Maven, and Kilorn are three young men whose roles play a major part. Cal and Maven are two silver-blooded princes. One is trying to be the perfect king and the other one is the shadow and his mother's son. Kilorn is Mare's best friend from childhood because every young girl needs a childhood friend. He is also red-blooded and about to be conscripted into the army which is probably the worst things that could ever happen to a red-blood.

In Mare's society, the two different types of people are separated by a huge gap. The red-bloods are basically throw-aways for the silver-blood kingdom(s). That's why it is unfortunate to be drafted into the army. Usually, red bloods need to find a apprenticeship or a job with someone before the age of eighteen but Mare has no talents whatsoever to help her family except for stealing. 

The silver-bloods, on the other hand, are the elite class in the society. They are the people who have magical powers like the ability to control the elements (and metal), having unnatural strength or the ability to read minds/control minds. Some of them are royal like Cal and Maven. 

The two opposite sides of society have warred for ages and the Reds are beginning to get tired of how they been treated for the created a rebel group called the Scarlet Guard. Mare finds herself caught up in the rebel group's decisions and whether she likes it or not, she will play a huge part in the society's downfall.

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I loved this book, the society was something different and gnarly to read. The only problem is the character development. The characters did not seem to grow in any significant way. Mare might have grown a little but overall no one really changed significantly.

Nevertheless, I had a great time reading the Red Queen and I hope you guys have fun as well. If you have already read this book or you read the book after reading my very convincing post, please leave your reviews! I love talking to you guys. See you soon! Love ya bookworms!

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