Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Blogger BAEs

I want to share my favorite bloggers who don't know I exist but I love them just the same. These five bloggers have opened my world of books to an even bigger world and I hope they also lighten up your book world as well. All the videos are courtesy of each bookbloggers' respective YouTube webpage.

My first favorite blogger is Katytastic. I have mentioned her in many of my posts because she is my favorite out of them all. She's funny and she inputs her true feelings on how she feels about books. 

Katytastic is an amazing person in general. She makes me laugh and she really connects with her audience which makes her one of the best bookbloggers ever! She also includes bloopers which are really fun and hilarious to watch. Bloopers are just fun in general.

My second favorite bookblogger is JessetheReader. I love him because he shows that nerdy boys are wicked. He is also quirky and loves to be awkward. And awkwardness is what everyone goes through on a daily basis.

JessetheReader is amazing. He, like Katytastic, is very honest in his opinions about books and he apologizes before he says anything contradicting. There is nothing else to say. He is a wicked bibliophile.

The third bookblogger is Abookutopia. I have never watched any of her videos until very recently but I found that I loved her because she definitely is all about awkward. Abookutopia also had some extremely cool opportunities that make me very jealous. One of the said opportunities is she got to be an extra in Divergent because she lived in Chicago. She was an EXTRA in DIVERGENT!!! She is so lucky... I wish I could be an extra or a minor character or the main character *wink wink* in one of my favorite book's film adaptation. 

Abookutopia is interesting to watch because she will get distracted really easily like when her dog comes in while she is filming. By the way, her dog is adorable. Abookutopia is third on the list because she is fun to watch but not as fun as JessetheReader or Katytastic. 

Fourth on the list has to be PolandBananasBooks. I find myself getting annoyed with her because she is so dramatic but she is still amusing to watch. She gets really dramatic about certain topics and goes on rants on how she doesn't or does like something. In some videos, she reenacts how most people feel when reading a book or watching a trailer. In other videos, she gets serious and talks with a more enjoyable pitch. Nevertheless, PolandBananasBooks is enjoyable to watch, even with the annoying high pitch squeal she sometimes gets. 

I did forget to warn you all; some in fact possibly all these booktubers swear. But not on a frequent note. They sometimes let loose some words but it does not happen every video you watch.

The fifth and final booktuber I love to watch is Tashapolis. Like Abookutopia, I have only been watching her for a short time. She seems like the mellowest of all the five bloggers I watch. Tashapolis is hip and calm which is really good when you just want to watch someone who is obsessed about books without getting too hyped up. 

Tashapolis is the most mild booktuber I have ever watched. She gets excited but not PolandbananasBooks. She is an amazing person and she can sing too! 

These five people help me make decisions on what to buy next for my TBR pile. I watch more booktubers, but I find myself always watching Katytastic, JessetheReader, Abookutopia, PolandbananasBooks, and Tashapolis.

Have you watched any of these people? You must have if you are a bookworm like me... What booktubers do you watch? Love ya bookworms!

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