Sunday, March 22, 2015

Insurgent: Book vs. Movie

Over the weekend, my family went see the long awaited second installment of Insurgent. I was thoroughly pleased on how the movie turned out, although I have to admit, I don't remember some of the book... Don't worry I "shmooped" the book. 

Anyway, I thought the movie was great; it had more action scenes which who can't say no to that? And then they had to add the teenage canoodle scene as well just to add to the fact that Tris and Tobias love each other very much. 

Some people might be like "well the movie didn't stick to the book so it's a bad movie adaptation" but what do I say to this? Who cares??? There are some major plots that were changed because in the first movie Divergent, they didn't stick straight to the plot. I think most people don't read the screen when it says, "BASED on the novel Insurgent".

I feel like I am contradicting myself but I don't care. I loved the movie and that's final. NO ONE can tell me I am wrong. America is a free country and you can say whatever you want. I digress...

Back to the movie and book comparison. This part will contain spoilers! Repeat SPOILERS so don't read anything below this paragraph if you have not read the book and/or seen the movie. If you are not planning to do either, be my guest.

The book and movie are on opposite sides of the venn diagram:
Courtesy of my Amazing Venn Diagram Talents
The movie has lots of big differences but you learn to accept it since they changed so much in the first movie. Like in the first movie, Tris and Tobias don't get the flashdrive like they did in the book. So in this movie, Jeanine is trying to find a Divergent that can open a golden box. The divergent has to go through all five faction sins to make the box open but all of the tested divergents die. And guess what? Tris is the only divergent that is one hundred percent compatible to open the box.

In the book, Jeanine wants Tris to test what makes her different, what makes her divergent. I have to say that the ordeal Tris has to go through in the movie is a lot more cooler in the book. But that is my opinion. 

Another difference is the movie kills people off at the wrong order and the people who do the killing are the wrong people. Like Jeanine dies because of Tori. Not because of Evelyn. And Max, a minor character who was a Dauntless traitor, died at the beginning of the book not the very end. And Eric... Eric dies and everyone jumps up and down in happiness. 

Overall, I loved the movie and I do recommend it to the bookworms out there who have not gotten around to watch the film. Even though the bookworm inside is saying "they did this all wrong" or "why did they change that", enjoy the movie. Don't be the annoying friend who leans over every minute and tells the person next to you that they did something wrong. *coughs* looks a certain direction.

Insurgent's movie adaptation is probably one of the best I have seen even though they did not follow the book precisely; who does that anyway? Most of the movie adaptations coming from young adult novels seem to be based on the book, not the exact replica of the book. We just need to learn to live with it and I finally accepted, by watching Insurgent, that even though I will complain my darn hardest that the movie did everything absolutely, positively wrong, I will still like it.

I do have to say though, there are some adaptations that need serious help; like extreme help from the author who wrote the book in the first place.

Hope you enjoyed reading this amazing review! If you don't agree or you agree or you have something random to say, please leave comments! Love ya bookworms!

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  1. I care that it's nothing like the book Rose! I care!