Thursday, February 5, 2015

Books... In Different Countries!

Since we live in the United States, book covers are kind of boring compared to other countries. Sure, some US editions are quite spectacular and fangirl-worthy but in other instances, there are US editions that are shamed by their foreign counterparts. 

I will start out by showing you foreign counterparts that put their US editions to sort of shame. Like here. I would label this German cover kinda amazing compared to the US edition:

Isn't this pretty?????????
Image Courtesy of BibilioManie2
Compared to:
Kishan.... The BEST thing I never had!
Thank you Ally for letting me use her beautiful hardcover!
The US version of this cover is pretty but the German edition of Tiger's Quest is really cool in a different way... If you get what I mean. I don't want to say that the US edition is crappy and not pretty at all but the artwork is cooler and the way the text is positioned and curled.... BEAUTIFUL! Plus the German edition is more intriguing and fun to look at. The US cover has a big black tiger on it and I have to say, it's boring compared to the German cover.

This Indonesian edition of book one of the Fablehaven series translated to Fablehaven: Book One, Secret Asylum:

Image Courtesy of Gallery Hip
Compared to:
Image Courtesy of
The Indonesian edition is so rad. I love the artwork; it is so gorgeous with the fireflies, Kendra and Seth (the two main characters for the people who still haven't read this amazing book!), and the gnarlyness of the branches. Compared to the US edition, this might be a little better but I do love the green of the US cover. 

Some covers are not as pretty or cool as their US edition counterpart. Such as this:

Image Courtesy of The Norwegian Book Girl
Compared to:
Image Courtesy of Bookish

I admit the German edition is cool but the US edition is more simple and pretty. It seems to me that the German edition is trying too hard to grab a reader's attention. What do you think? 

How about this Japanese edition:
Image Courtesy of
Compared to:

Image Courtesy of CopyPasterePost
The Japanese editions are quite artistic and colorful. While the US editions stick to one color and maintain a single color scheme. If you are into beautiful artwork, I understand if you hate me for saying this but I like the US edition better. 

Other book editions are equally pretty and cool as the US editions. This book as an example:

Image Courtesy of Percy Jackson Movies
Compared to:
Sorry I had to add this book!
Image Courtesy of Rick Riordan
You, as my readers, should now know that I am obsessed with Rick Riordan's works; he is one of the greatest authors ever! Okay back to the post. I love the UK edition but the US edition is also full of awesomeness. I have nothing else to say about this, just bask in it's glories of how amazing Rick Riordan is.

How about this Greek edition:

Image Courtesy of HG Girl on Fire

Compared to:
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
This was a hard one to place in the rankings. I first thought I liked the Greek version but then outside influences caused me to think, "Wow, I think the US edition is a lot better!" and then I decided because I was so indecisive, to put the book covers in this section. What is your opinion? I like the yellow mockingjay and then the orange fading to red background but I also like the black and grey of the US edition. Ah! It is too had...

Sorry this is such a long post and I have you scrolling for a long time, but this topic is such a fun topic for me. I love searching online for my favorite books but with different covers and language. I might even have to do a part two because this is so exciting! What do you think about these books and my selection of covers?

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