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Cover Changes: The Relief and Dread of All Bookworms

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Cover changes. This topic has been covered and ranted by many booktubers, book bloggers, and the general book public. Personally, book cover changes don't bother me as much as it does to other people, but it still makes me agitated. What makes me agitated, is when I buy a book with a perfectly "okay" cover and then the publishers decide to change the cover right in the middle of the series. That makes me mad because when I look at my bookshelf, there is an inconsistency of prettiness.

Other than what I said above, I don't care what the covers look like. Sometimes, I have mixed feelings but as long as the books match the previous book, I am happy.

The best part about cover changes are they usually cooler and prettier than the original.

I feel that I should treat you guys with a couple of examples of what I am trying to talk about. First I will start with the spectacular cover changes that made bookworms weep in greatfulness. annoying cover changes. Then I will end with the annoying cover changes that made bookworms weep in sadness. The annoying covers are generally cover changes that are developed when the book is made into a film.

First up is the Harry Potter series. When Harry Potter came out, we had covers like this:
These weren't too shabby to begin with...

Now for the anniversary of Harry Potter, the design had changed greatly, and I love these new covers better than the older versions.
Image Courtesy of Harry Potter Scholastic

Image and Books Courtesy of Amelia
Another pretty wicked cover change is The Fablehaven Series. It used to look like this:
They are very pretty and have very vibrant colors!
Now, cover artists changed it to:
Image Courtesy of Amazon
I can't decide which covers I like the best.... What do you think?

How about this old cover?
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
To the newer cover editions?

I personally like the newer editions but hey, if you like a close-up on a cut-off face, I am not judging you... Not at all...

I think I have given you guys enough of the good cover changes but you haven't yet seen the cover changes that made bookworms mad...

This movie edition of The Book Thief is okay but I do prefer the older version:

Here's the older cover:

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
It is not that bad but I do prefer the older The Book Thief cover because it's unique and not a close-up on some random girl's face. It seems to me that most books these days are coming out with close-ups of random people's faces...

Compare this:
Image Courtesy of Barnes and Nobles
To the original:
These book covers are both majestic and beautiful. I can't decide whether the movie edition is better than the old cover. What do you think?

And last but not least:
Another close-up face! Do you see a pattern?
Image Courtesy of Wall Street Journal
To this:

I couldn't decide yet again with these two covers. I think there was another cover before the old edition but truthfully, I didn't want to go looking for it... I like the older version because it is a simple cover while the movie edition has too many different scenes going around. 

Thanks for scrolling till the very end... I know this was a long post but pictures take up a lot of space. There might be a part II but there might not be. Anyway, I hope all you bookworms enjoyed my "life-changing" post! 

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  1. Ahh! It's so weird to see Harry Potter with a different cover!