Friday, February 6, 2015

My 2015 Book Bucket List

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Since it's 2015, everyone is starting on their new year's resolutions and all the book worms are beginning new book wishlists and bucket lists. I decided I should join my fellow friends and give you ten of my most wanted books of 2015. These books aren't in any specific order because if it was, that would put me in a very uncomfortable situation of trying to figure out what book should be at the top of the list. And that's a situation I want to avoid.

1. "Tiger's Destiny". This book is $12.23 as a hardcover, which is expensive for me because I am very broke at the moment. Haha, I think I only have $5 right now!

Anyway, Tiger's Destiny is the fourth book in the Tiger's Curse series. I love the first three books; the series is one of the most recommended series on my list, so that means.... Read it!

I don't want to tell you what this book is about because of two reasons. One, you haven't heard of the Tiger's Curse series at all or two, you have heard of the Tiger's Curse series but you have not gotten far in the series. So I don't want to be the bad sport and spoil everything.
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2. "I'll Give You the Sun". This book costs $12.78 so I need to save up to get both Tiger's Destiny and I'll Give You the Sun. This book was recommended to me by a lot of my friends, and I trust my friends' judgement so someday, I'll get the money to buy the book.

I'll Give You the Sun is about a sister and brother who were really close and then as time went by, they grew further apart until they need to get back together to fix their messed up worlds.

3. "Sweet Evil". This book is $9.70 as a paperback. That's a yay for me because it is a bit cheaper but not by much. My friend, Amelia, has recommended most of the books I read because she is so cultured when she reads; this book was one of the many that she has recommended. 

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Sweet Evil is about Anna White who was born with the sixth sense of being able to see and sense emotions. She is troubled until she meets Kaiden Rowe (he is probably going to one of those bad boys) and she is forced to face her destiny.

4. "Unearthly". The book is $9.63 as a paperback. Again, this was a yay for me because it is cheaper than the first two books. Sadly, if I was to buy all the books on this list, I would need over $50, which I don't have. I wish I did have that money but I am not a millionaire...

Clara Gardner finds out she is part angel and she is supposed to figure out why she is put on Earth. She, of course, meets a boy who helps her and a boy who visits her in her dreams. And she has to face her destiny, very typical.

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5. The last book I want is Midnight Thief. This book is $13.23. Hopefully, I will get enough money to buy Midnight Thief! Amelia recommended this to me among many others, as said before, and I trust her opinion. I have never read a book by Livia Blackburne so I am really excited!

Kyra is a girl who was taught street smarts and is pulled into working for the Assassins Guild. Tristam is a palace guard who is bent on avenging the murder of his friend. Kyra and Tristam both meet, at first very wary of each other, but they realized they needed each other to complete each of their missions. Doesn't that sound thrilling?

This list was probably the most crappiest you have ever read. But I can't wait to get my hands on all of the mentioned books and lots more. Only when I am handed a million dollar check, I will be able to complete my buying list. Until then, I will slowly buy every book. Here's my wishlist of 2015 of all the books I want to buy before 2015 is up. Hope you enjoy!

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