Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Top 5 Fictional Places I Want to Visit

I thought I should change the scenery a bit. I want to show you the top five fictional places I would love to visit... If I could for a day or two.

Number one is...
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Rivendell! Meeting Elrond has always been my (unrealistic) dream. I want to meet Hugo Weaving but still... It's not the same thing. He has the personality of a great leader who knows what to do in times of need. I would love to just sit down with him and talk about the Battle of the Five Armies. 

I also want to go to Rivendell because of the beautiful architecture and the calm ambiance. The stunning, shimmering waterfalls that flow down cliffs and out of buildings would be amazing to see in real life. If you like nature and its beauty, then you and I can agree on one thing. Rivendell would be the most gorgeous landmark on Middle-Earth. 

Number two is...
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Camp Half-Blood! I have always dreamed of visiting this camp since I first picked up Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I bet you would agree if you have read any of Rick Riordan's books. The camp is full of weapons and seemingly fun games (like capture the flag but with sharp swords...) And the cabins dedicated to every Greek god and goddess with cool and unique elements.

The cabin I would choose to explore first would be Hephaestus's cabin (Cabin Nine). In The Lost Hero, it is described as "an oversized RV." Inside the cabin, are retractable beds that can be controlled by voice which by the way is totally wicked! And to add to that awesomeness, the beds can withdraw from the main floor and settle in to a private quarters underground... Now who wouldn't want to live in this cabin? Since we are talking about Hephaestus, the cabin is also full of machines and power tools. Even though I am not really into forging weapons or armory, Cabin Nine calls to me, saying "come explore every corner of me!!!"

Number three is... 
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Hogwarts! Imagine yourself walking down the Great Hall, with Harry, Hermione, and Ron at your sides... *sigh It would be the most magical day of my entire life! Eating an abundance of remarkable, fast-appearing food would add to the craziness of being sandwiched between Harry and Hermione with Ron eating across from you.

Playing quidditch, is the activity I would like to do most at Hogwarts. I also want to learn magic and meet the professors but I am dying to play quidditch! One reason is you get to fly on a broom... A broom! You have to admit, flying is one of the top wishes if you had some sort of genie, because it's definitely one of mine! And the other reason is you're playing a sport (if you love sports) which kills two birds with one stone.

Number four is... 
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Fablehaven! Fablehaven is a sanctuary for all kinds of supernatural beings like fairies, centaurs, witches, dragons, etc.. The sanctuary is run by an elderly couple who are very amiable, but know when to strike hard when necessary. The creatures that live in Fablehaven aren't your typical Glenda the Good Witch or Eragon. Nevertheless, it would be a honor to visit these creatures. I would be willing to risk my life to experience Brandon Mull's magical world.

Number five is...
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The Glade! I would visit the Glade under safe conditions. The maze would be turned off and there would be no Grievers roaming at night. I would love to meet Newt, Thomas, and Minho. I would like to see how they learned to survive under such harsh conditions. Plus, it would be fun to run the maze as long as there were no Grievers trying to kill me.  

Leaving these magical worlds and the characters who live there is one of the hardest things about finishing a good book. It's fun to imagine what it would be like to actually visit. 

What worlds do you wish you could visit?

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  1. Um... Lorien! I still think you should've wrote about Lorien.