Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Maze Runner: A Better Movie or Book?

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The Maze Runner has everyone talking. The new edition of the Young Adult movie world has already hit the high ranking box office with $32.5 million dollars. The question is was the movie as great as the book? 

Having finishing the book before I watched the movie, I was full of anticipation; my mind asking, will they stick to the book? While reading, I found that James Dashner was very descriptive with his violence in the book. I was hoping none of it would be translated onto the screen for I am a bit squeamish when it comes to watching gore. 

In fact the other night, I was watching Supernatural behind the living room couch. I don't think the people in the row behind me, would like me doing that in the movie theater. 

I was in luck. The movie didn't show all the violence the book described. For example, it didn't show Gally receiving his revengeful blows from Thomas or the gruesome attacks of the Grievers. 

Warning Spoilers Ahead! I personally hate spoilers, but if you really don't want to read the book or watch the movie, be my guest.
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The movie diverted from the book in several ways. In the book, Alby dies much later then what was shown in the movie, which makes it even sadder. Another example is the Gladers, in the book, knew what would happen if they were stung by a Griever but in the movie, they don't understand why Grievers stung and what were the consequences.

SPOILERS END! You can read on... There is no more spoilers! 

Nevertheless, I thought Mr. Wes Ball did an excellent job in turning one of the best dystopian (and you can disagree with me) books, into one amazing, action-packed movie for all those book nerds like me. And I think you should read the book as well; the book is as amazing (maybe even better) as the movie.

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  1. Ya! Loved both. (Of course as usual the book was better :-))