Monday, December 8, 2014

How about Were-Tigers instead of Were-Wolves?

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Have you ever hear a book called Tiger's Curse? Well if you haven't, you are officially not a book reader. I'm kidding but you have to pick this book up after you read this. 

Tiger's Curse was self-published by Colleen Houck. I understand why it isn't well known because she self-published and it takes weeks to get the book from Amazon but everyone should read it. I am seriously considering of giving my librarian a book list of what she should buy for the school library because she does not have the books that need to be more publicized. If you still don't understand how amazing this book is, I will give you a short summary:
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Tiger's Curse is about a girl named Kelsey who takes a temporary summer job at a traveling circus. The circus is where she meets Dhiren or Ren, a white tiger and suddenly, Kelsey is thrown into a mysterious ancient prophecy. With the help of Ren, a man who was cursed to turn into a tiger, Kelsey will try to piece the puzzle/prophecy together to break the curse.

How awesome does that sound? Colleen Houck did a fantastic job with developing the story and the characters. I feel that the love subplot is just right and there was no loose ends except for the fact Houck did end on a cliff hanger.

I also want to talk about the setting of the book. At the beginning of the book, Kelsey is in Portland, Oregon looking for a summer job, when finding one, in all of places, at a traveling circus. There, Kelsey is whisked away to spend the rest of her summer in gorgeous India.

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I don't know a lot about India but it sounds like a spectacular place where tigers are roam free in the jungles and the fantastic sunsets. I mean who wouldn't want to go to India?

I am aching to talk about the male counterpart of Kelsey. Ren or Dhiren is his name and he, in my fangirl mind, is drop dead handsome. Don't go hatin' on me for being obsessed over a fictional boyfriend that doesn't exist. If he was a real man, I promise you, all the girls would be over him. He is caring, extremely polite*, selfless, and he turns into a freakin' tiger... What more can you ask for. On top of that, you will meet another man that will surprise you; he came out of nowhere and into my fandom daydreams.

I am getting myself off-track and I apologize. Just give me a second to cool down all the fangirl jitters... Okay I am ready. You have to read this book. I mean if you don't, you definitely have not traveled far enough in the book world!

Well thanks for reading! The next post will be with collaboration from one of my fellow bloggers and friends, Mazana.

*Ren is over-the-top polite. He had to ask for permission to kiss Kelsey before he actually did! How adorable is that???

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